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Hi, my name's Livie! I've had photography sessions with Kristen from K. Conway Photography since before I can remember.
Kristen says she knew my mommy and daddy a long, long time before she knew me. She was even at their wedding and got to take pictures. (Isn't my mommy so pretty!?)
When I came out Kristen was right there taking my pictures from the moment I was born. I looked so angry, but really I was excited to meet everyone!
When I was just about two weeks old I was one of Kristen's very first newborns she had a full posed newborn session with. I cried a lot and didn't want to sleep, but she was patient and made sure my family would have pretty images of me. She didn't even get mad when I peed on her.
When I was 3-months, I got to have my pictures taken again! I had learned to smile by then and mommy said I looked beautiful. Kristen took my pictures again when I was 6-months. I didn't like that tutu, but I loved all the fancy sparkles.
I was 9-months when Kristen took my special Christmas pictures with Santa (it was just Uncle Dan, but I don't think I'm supposed to tell that part!)
For my first birthday, Kristen made sure to get a special cake that matched a theme she and mommy worked on. They even got me a special outfit. Then she let me smash the cake to pieces! It was so yummy and I had fun finger painting with it. I made a mess!
Kristen still takes my pictures, but she says it's a lot harder now that I can walk. I know how to say "Get down!" and I like saying it lots! I definitely said it when she was trying to take pictures with daddy holding me. I still had lots of fun and can't wait until I get to take more pictures.